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Welcome to the Map Suite GIS Editor Wiki

gis_editor_homepage.jpg The Map Suite GIS Editor is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for viewing, styling and editing geographic data. Whether you need to visualize an area the size of a building or the size of the entire world, the GIS Editor makes the process simple. You can use it to analyze and geoprocess data, visualize and style data, or even design attractive page layouts for printing.

This wiki acts as an in-depth user manual for the GIS Editor. Browse the list of topics below to find help for the portion of the application that you're working with, or use the search to locate something specific.

Need Help? Start Here.

New! Learn Step by Step
If this is your first time using GIS Editor, you may be a little overwhelmed. In this short tutorial, we guide you through the steps to create your first GIS Editor project.

Sample Projects
If you like to learn by reverse-engineering, or just want to see some examples of what the GIS Editor can do, take a look at these sample projects that demonstrate numerous styles and features.

Watch the Videos
We've recorded video walkthroughs of almost every GIS Editor features and interface. Browse through this handy listing of videos to see what's available.

A GIS Editor User's Guide: Table of Contents

  • Building Plugins
  • Extending the GIS Editor

Further Assistance

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